Clearing your Energy Field and Energy Protection

We are constantly picking up energies from our environment and those around us, which can be positive but also negative. This can be as simply standing in a supermarket line and feeling the energy from the person next to you. Or a co worker or family member says something to you in a negative way that you take on the energy of the person or what they have said. Here are some simple ways to protect your Aura energy field, as well as how to release negative energy once you have come in contact with it. Kathy my guest has joined me today in this discussion.

Reminder: We all need to clear our energy fields every day

Here are some simple steps to consider:
– Drink plenty of water or water with lemon daily
– Take walks for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes each day.
(If your a jogger that’s even better)
– Get in or by water daily. Have a shower or bathe twice a day ( I use bath salts when I bathe…great cleansers.)
When possible, go to water (pool, like or river and if you’re lucky enough the ocean)
– Meditate each day or learn how to meditate. Just 20 minutes can help clear your energy field.
– Of course, stay away from the downers…alcohol, smoking and drugs.
All of the above can be helpful in clearing your energy field
and will allow you to feel better.