Clearing Your Energy Field – Technique

Visualize above the top of your crown about six inches, a large golden sun, radiating rays of light. See yourself taking a magic marker and writing your name in the middle of this sun in large letters, helping you to bring all your focus into the sun. Above your name, see a strong shiny powerful magnet, it will be used to attract your own energy into the sun.

Take a moment now, become aware, with your intent, reclaim and know that wherever your energy is, no matter how far away, within a few moments at the most it is going to return to you in your golden sun. Call back your energy from any person or persons, situation or those around them that you have connected to on another level. All of this energy is going to collect up inside your golden sun first, where it can be cleansed and revitalized. Know that any foreign energy that is attached to your energy will not be able to withstand the heat of your golden sun; it will be dispersed into millions of particles. See the sun expanding bigger and bigger until it is ready to burst.

Now using your physical fingers, touch the top of your head. Pretend you are poking a hole on the top of your head in the crown chakra. Now take your fingers and poke a hole in the bottom of your golden sun, once completed, you can relax your hand. Now image that all of your revitalized energy that has collected up in your golden sun and is effortlessly pouring from the bottom of the sun into the top of your head. It flows down to the tip of your toes and fills up your feet, ankles, calves, thighs, torso, chest, shoulders, and neck. It spills into your arms and hands, filling up your hands so much so until your energy flows though and out of the little spinning chakras in your palms and out into your aura. Your own energy continues to fill up your neck, face, and head, spilling back out of the hole in the top of our head and around into your aura field surrounding your body.
Know that your physical body and auric field are becoming so filled with your own energy that the energy overflows from your eyes, mouth, ears, and nose. It continues to fill up your organs, your heart and lungs, kidney, liver, and intestines, and you even see it flow though your veins and cells. Now see the energy flowing though your chakras causing them to spin, once they are spinning allow some of this energy to flow down through one leg and then the other, connecting you and grounding you to the earth’s energies. Feel yourself connecting to your belly area, 2nd charka, feeling your inner power, breathe a few times here in the lower belly, centering yourself. Once you have completely filled up your entire body and auric field, imagine that you are sealing off the hole that you created in the top of your head. Visualize your sun floating off into the atmosphere until it’s time to call upon it again.