Higher Psychic Senses – What are they?

The Psychic SensesWhat are the Clairs?

Clairaudient: This is the ability to psychically hear sounds, words, sentences, phrases, tones, music, and other types of sounds. These sounds and words are inaudible to the normal hearing range and seem to come from out of nowhere, but are heard within your head or beside your ear.

Clairsentient: This is the ability to feel within your own physical body sensations of energies around you, other people’s emotions, feelings and even physical conditions such as aches and illnesses. You may sense the presence of people around you that are living or in spirit form, such as relatives, guides, and angels.

Clairgustant: The ability to psychically taste a substance, the energy of a particular food and not the actual food that is tasted on the tongue. An example can be when you intend to eat some food that is not good. You may have an odd taste that the food is off or going off and you get a strong taste on your tongue warning you not to eat it.

Clairolfaction: This is the ability to pick up the energy of the food or aura around the body, you can smell the energies. These energies are transformed into smell in the nose. An example would be a food that has gone off, or pipe tobacco or perfume of a loved one passed over.

Clairvoyant: Is the ability to see pictures or images come into your mind’s inner third eye. These pictures come as bits and pieces or flashes of information. Some people see these images with their eyes closed or even with eyes open.

You may be looking at a person in front of you, but get other images around them, kind of ghost like, past, present, or future. Images can come in meditation or in a dream state. The images come from the beyond to you, seems like out of nowhere, then you are given a thought or message along with it. The message can be so clear that you cannot mistake it or in other instances you may need time to decipher it.

The information coming through can be in the way of objects, symbols, colors, you may see persons, scenes like small movies, lights, words, auras, past life images of people, loved ones crossed over, visions of the past, present or future, and people or places in other spiritual dimensions, such as higher sentient or enlightened beings. Some people see their guides or angles.

Telepathy: Is not one of the “Clair’s”, however it is one of the main ways we can receive information. Being telepathic is the ability to send and receive thought forms, information and energies, from one person to another or from a source beyond this reality, as we know it.

These psychic-intuitive skills or senses fall into the following categories: clairvoyant (clear seeing); clairaudient (clear hearing); clairsentient (clear sensing); clairolfaction (clear smelling); and, clairgustant (clear tasting); telepathy (clear communication). We can have one or all of these senses. Some are also stronger than others, or may come through at different times. When you practice just be aware of in which ways you receive the information.